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For all Hyundai i30N und Hyundai i30N Performance (Typ PDE), the suspension manufacturer KW automotive has now developed the ST suspensions XTA coilover kit. Our ST XTA differs elementary from other street-legal aftermarketcoilover kits by its adjustable KW dampers, racing springs, and aluminium Unibal top mounts.

The Hyundai finally gets unchained by the ST XTA coilover kit with its adjustable dampers, a racing spring system and aluminium unibal top mounts. The adjustable top mounts enable on request to change the camber on the front axle, so the Hyundai benefits from an even more direct steering behavior. To achieve an optimum tire contact patch when driving in curves, the top mounts allow the camber to be changed to further increase the tire grip in curves. With this improved handling, the Hyundai i30 N drives much more agile.

The rebound adjustable dampers of the ST XTA coilover kit have the advantage that also the body roll and pitching movements can further be reduced. Already in the factory basic setup, the ST coilovers ensure a significantly sportier driving behavior. If the rebound stage is closed via the adjustment dial, the setup gets tighter and the Hyundai i30 N benefits from more structure control at the limit of driving dynamics. With an opened rebound, the rolling and driving comfort is increased.

Of course, the ST XTA coilover kit manufactured in Germany has technical component report for street use and it allows the Hyundai i30 N (PDE) to be lowered on both axles by 20 - 40 mm continuously, where the driving dynamics beneftis by the lower center of gravity.

In addition to a significantly sportier road holding thanks to an improved tire grip and more direct handling characteristics, the ST XTA is an optimal performance upgrade for the 250 hp or up to 275 hp strong Hyundai i30 N compact sports car.

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